I provide authoritative advice and direction at any stage of your hospitality project.

Whatever stage your project is at, hiring a hospitality advisor is a wise investment; it should not be seen as a last-ditch action or an unnecessary expense. An unbiased, independent insight into your business can provide just the boost your project needs.

The hotel industry in Europe & Latin America works under a demanding climate of competition. These conditions generate uncertainty, wrong decisions are taken, and drastic changes occur that can weaken your business. As a hospitality advisor, I go right to the heart of your specific project to find the best solution.

Based on a lifetime’s career in hospitality, my role now is predicated on the transfer of knowledge in all aspects of the sector, from pre-project studies to development, to sales and marketing, to strategic and operations management.

Any of the services offered can be requested separately or combined into an “all-inclusive” package.

Investment & development

Whether this is your first hotel or you are looking to add a new property to your portfolio, choosing the right property in the right location is key to the success of your business. It’s also a very time-consuming process, which can be simplified by calling on informed, impartial, advice.

Although you may have extensive business experience, if you are venturing in the hotel industry for the first time, I can offer industry-specific advice to make sure you start off well and continue on the right track

A hotel is a unique type of property and greatly influenced by economic changes. Unlike commercial and office properties, which benefit from long-term rentals, hotels need to sell each room, preferably every night. Careful market study is needed to provide you with a correct and accurate understanding of the conditions that affect the property or the future development.

Although each situation is different, there is an underlying method to my approach to looking for properties that meet your needs and adapt to your existing portfolio.

  • Initial meeting to discuss requirements, locations and business vision.
  • Search for properties for sale in the market.
  • Collection of dossiers and summaries of properties that meet client requirements.
  • Site-visit to each potential property for detailed review.
  • Market study of business potential (local and international markets, FIT and existing competition), as well as local workforce, regulations etc.
  • Submission of report for each property visited.
  • Once the client has considered the reports, a meeting is coordinated to discuss each potential property.



My advisory role needn’t end when the site or property has been located and purchased. The transformation of an inspired hotel concept into a reality requires the input and combination of a host of skills, and many different teams must work together: from surveyors to architects, to interior designers and artists, through to sales and marketing representatives and the actual hotel personnel, a whole army of people need to be organised and coordinated.

The logistics of supplies, transportation infrastructure, the creation of unique guest experiences, hiring of suitable staff, and negotiation with local or national authorities can all prove complicated, and any one of these issues may be a stumbling point in the project’s progress and its ultimate success.

I will act as a link between you (the decision maker and initiator) and the rest of your team, using my experience and skill to train and educate the teams involved at each phase of the project, essentially choreographing the whole process and guaranteeing smooth running, to cost, and within deadlines, leading to a successful project outcome.


Decisions about investments, structuring, scope and pricing are all high risk; they should only be taken based on a sound understanding of the facts.

It’s vital to analyse the market before committing to a project, so, in order to get a clear answer to the question, “Is this project viable?”, we carry out a feasibility study; this takes into account the interaction between supply and demand from the macro and micro perspective, as well considering the predicted future economic climate.

We also reduce risk by using tools of measurement to ensure strong strategy and sound vision. Our years of experience have provided us with extensive market information regarding behaviour patterns, trends, skills etc., while market research forms the basis for reliable projections based on financial metrics, providing a clear view of return on investment.

The specific characteristics that pertain in the hospitality sector – reservations, market segmentation, occupancy quotas, high fixed costs and low variable costs – are not dissimilar to the airline industry, where the variable pricing strategy known as yield management was first developed. Essentially, a hotel needs to target the right distribution channels, control costs, and ensure the right market mix in order to maximise return.

An effective yield management system requires a lot of time, knowledge, and advanced software. Instead of building your own system, it is usually easier to hire or outsource. Our databases and statistics have been compiled from an on-going data collection process and enable us to help you sell the right product to the right customer, at the right time and at the right price.

Is the business not going as well as expected? Have profits declined? Perhaps you have tried unsuccessfully to turn things around. Although many projects progress successfully for a number of years, after the initial drive and energy has worn off, some inevitably begin to decline. Often this is due to focusing on the daily routine to the exclusion a more comprehensive and complete point of view – working in the business, not on the business. An objective review of priorities may be all that is needed to set your business right.

My years in hotel management have shown me the full range of challenges faced by businesses in the hospitality industry and qualified me to offer a new perspective on the day-to-day operation of your business, giving an unbiased view of the hotel's ambience and character, website and social media communications, financial performance and marketing operations, as well as the overall level of service.

At the same time, by suggesting new ideas and approaches to deal with difficult issues, I often find enthusiasm rekindles as we work together to develop the long-term plan to get your business back on track.



Although quality is an abstract concept, it is the key to success and should underlie all management processes and decisions. Perhaps most importantly, quality is a philosophy that can be put into practice through good training and logical thinking.

By choosing the right team and by ensuring that they feel appreciated and recognised, you can establish a philosophy of well-being that will grow and infiltrate all aspects of your business. Staff rewards and incentives – quality of life, recognition, good communication, team feeling, benefits such as games, massages, etc. – will all help to foster this atmosphere and will provide a basis for excellent staff-guest communications and relationships.

Clarity of roles and responsibilities are essential elements in this process, and can be supported by training activities and clear documentation:

  • Transmission of company culture
  • Team building
  • Standards manual
  • Customer service guidelines
  • Policies and procedures manual

Marketing & visual design

During my years in the hospitality industry, I have formed strong partnerships with a number of companies who provide brand and marketing solutions for the hospitality sector. This allows me to introduce you to trusted suppliers for a number of complementary services:


After all the hard work and careful planning behind the creation of a luxury hotel, it is essential that the property’s brand identity and online presence meet the same rigorous standards if the project is to be credible.

In order to maintain the hotel’s reputation and ensure increased sales and growth for your business, a clear, elegant and easy-to-use website and on-brand social media profiles need to be designed and maintained in line with high quality, professional marketing materials.

But simply having a website is not enough: we will ensure that your website is optimised for search engines, which will raise its visibility and translate into more bookings. We can also set up your site to connect with GDS and Pay Per Click advertising programs to redeem special offers and promotional packages, thereby optimising your sales.

As always, we pride ourselves on building lasting relationships with our clients, so we can provide on-going support and maintenance to ensure you are not left high and dry in the rapidly changing world of technology.