Hospitality: “the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers.”

Modern travel habits have changed: big brands have become impersonal and indistinguishable from one another, while an increasing range of budget offerings are transforming the very nature of the industry – and of the destinations themselves.

But the hospitality industry remains an industry of the future: as long as we focus on the individual, and on offering a complete and exceptional experience. By investing in the best – in architecture, in design, in logistics – and by employing the best staff, suited to their posts by competence, personality and vocation, and by constantly re-assessing our standards and our goals, we can achieve excellence.

Yet a perfect mark on an inspection checklist is not enough: the guest is looking for more than impeccable housekeeping, state-of-the-art facilities and word-perfect communications. A hotel is about place and about people. Places have atmosphere and people have personalities. A hotel should offer both. Each project we undertake is unique and this very uniqueness holds the key to the value we offer our clients



I started in the hospitality industry as a teenager, washing pots in the local hotel restaurant in my homeland of Holland, before going on to study in Lucerne where I graduated from the Hotel University of Switzerland. My career really began at Hilton International, back in Holland, and then, after several other projects including management of an independent boutique hotel in the UK, I joined Hyatt International.


After different roles that took me to several continents, I became the youngest General Manager that Hyatt had ever appointed and later took up the post of GM at the Park Hyatt in Buenos Aires. I soon discovered the needs and opportunities of tourism in Latin America and, still with Hyatt, I was responsible for the creation of the Madison project, now better known as “The Unbound Collection by Hyatt”, Carmelo, Uruguay.

Since 1998 my objective has been to help develop the infrastructure of the hotel and tourist industry, through development, marketing, and new projects, both in hotels – with a focus on boutique and independent properties ­– and in new destinations.



In February 2014, I became Director of Operations of Mundo Cuervo to collaborate with the development of a new tourism and hospitality project intended to expand the offer of Tequila, Jalisco, as a destination. The result is an extensive tourism experience, with two hotels, conference centre, restaurants, bars, cultural centre, etc., integrated into the very heart of the municipality. In 2017 I developed the new concept for Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma Heineken Experience in Monterrey, Mexico.

But my heart returns to the small luxury properties with their fine architecture and great interior design and impeccable service – the unique boutique hotels that provide a complete and faultless guest experience – and in the last decade I have been responsible for the development, pre-opening and implementation of more than 30 high-end boutique hotels.

In mid 2017 I returned to Europe and settled in Madrid after working at a global level for over three decades. I’ve spent my whole life in the hospitality sector. Now, as a hospitality advisor, my role is predicated on the transfer of knowledge in all aspects of the sector, from pre-project studies to development, to sales and marketing, to strategic and operational management.