Park Hyatt Buenos Aires

Just before the turn of the century, I spent three years as General Manager at Park Hyatt Buenos Aires, which is now the Four Seasons Buenos Aires.

The project

After the surge in hospitality ventures serving the 1978 World Cup, no new hotels had been opened in Buenos Aires for two decades until the opening of the magnificent Park Hyatt. It entailed the reorganisation of a recently opened luxury hotel and the linking of a 19th century residence with a new-build modern hotel tower with 165 rooms.

Raising the level of hospitality standards to a new high.

Distinguishing characteristics

This project offered the opportunity to bring the latest innovative thinking to traditional services in the country’s food and beverage sector while raising the level of hospitality standards and education to a new high by the involvement of hotel schools and the implementation of intensive training.

The guest experience

This premium hotel offered a new experience in one of the city’s most beautiful areas and for several years was ranked among the world’s 25 top hotels. It was particularly popular with world famous musicians, artists and actors, who considered it the place to stay when performing in the city.

Particularly popular with world famous musicians, artists and actors.