La Merced del Alto

At the foot of the Nevado de Cachi, on the slopes of the Andes in northern Argentina, this hotel development has its roots in the heart of the natural landscape and a sound focus on local materials and resources for decoration, construction and culinary purposes.

The project

The challenge of this project was to create a new and thoroughly modern hotel, while making it look as if it had been there for centuries!

Traditional local materials: adobe wood, cane, stone and pottery.

Distinguishing characteristics

We worked with the architects and designers using only traditional local materials throughout – adobe wood, cane, stone and pottery – to construct a modern property boasting all contemporary hotel comforts. Having created two other similar properties in the same province, I was able to combine the Sales and Marketing efforts of the three, resulting in a synergy to benefit both guests and hosts.

A boutique hotel with its roots in the heart of the natural landscape.

The guest experience

The synergy of the three establishments enables guests to travel in the area and enjoy different settings and different culinary experience, confident that they will meet with the same philosophy and the same excellent level of service.