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Experience leads to understanding and expertise

I’m Cees Houweling – it’s pronounced “Kase” – and I have worked in hospitality all my life. My career has taken me across five continents and shown me the whole range of fascinating and challenging aspects of the sector.

I have worked with some of the most prestigious international brands and with smaller, independent companies, helping each of them to create outstanding one-of-a-kind destinations and experiences.

Now, I’d like to help you with your project, adding my creativity and know-how to transform your ideas into a unique reality.

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Improving profitability through knowledge

As a hospitality advisor, my role is predicated on the transfer of knowledge in all aspects of the sector, from pre-project studies to development, to sales and marketing, to strategic and operational management.

My goal is to differentiate my clients, training you and your staff and providing sound analysis to ensure your investment is successful.

Unlike consultants who remain outsiders, I pride myself on my Dutch adaptability and offer a customised service where I participate fully as a member of your team, bringing with me the experience gleaned from a lifetime spent in the sector and a continuing passion for excellence.

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